Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Water Regime Pvt Ltd is committed to protect the health and safety of its workforce including employees, contractors & clients and to provide them with safe and conducive working conditions at all its worksites and it’s our primary concern in all the ways. So maintaining outstanding HSE performance is a core value of Water Regime Pvt Ltd and has been made possible through devoted senior leadership and commitment of all employees.

To ensure the persistent health, safety and environment for our staff in Water Regime we have effective policies, procedures. These policies and procedures provide highly practical guidelines for safe workplace and a very conducive environment.

In addition, we take pride of our CSR for health, safety, environment of our people, assets and reputation.


We believe that our employees should aware of sources of danger, safety rules and regulations. We insist that all employees:

* Follow all safety rules and regulations, which are pertinent and necessary to their position.

* Conform to safe working practices

* Commit to completing all safety-related training and certification programs


At Water Regime, we are committed to involving employees in health and safety initiatives and reporting, as well as in finding more reliable safety practices.

We encourage employees to incorporate health and safety principles in everything they do and to learn to detect behavior which presents risk. We believe that everyone on site and even off site have part to play in the chain of responsibility which will enable us to further reduce accidents at work.