Successful Commissioning of Terry Textile Watse Water Recycling

Water Regime has successfully commissioned phase-2 of Terry Textile wastewater recycling project at Al-Karam Towel Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi. 


January 2020, Water Regime (Pvt.) Ltd. has successfully commission phase-2 of recycling plant on Terry Textile wastewater in Al Karam Towel Industry, Karachi. The wastewater from the factory has treated by phase-1 comprising a number of conventional effluent treatment techniques and achieving BSR limits for wastewater discharge. We have provided and applied effluent polishing unit, adsorption and desalination with the combination of some auxiliary’s treatments. 

The main objectives of this project was reduction of factory waste, step toward the ZLD, buyer compliances according to the latest worldwide standards and fresh water & environmental stewardship, as well as to reduce the outsourcing of fresh water that reduce cost. 

 The automated integrated membrane system has successfully treated challenging towel textile wastewater and has met performance goals from the startup. All initial operational challenges were successfully overcome, and reclaiming of wastewater has achieved. 

The results demonstrate that the membrane system generates high-quality permeate that is 100% suitable for their process use and equally good for boilers feed etc. The Ultra-filtration System provided the most suitable feed water, successful protection and smooth operation of the RO Membranes. 

After approximate 3 months of sustainable operation, the plant produces excellent results with consistency. Witnessing maximum productivity from its commissioning, producing excellent ultrapure water and successfully treating challenging towel textile wastewater. 

Our designed treatment scheme shows its sustainability, viability and it is maintaining its integrity. The system restore its integrity every time after backwashing and CEB.  

 The Effluent Treatment plant can treat up to ~500,000 m3 treated effluent annually and Recycling Plant treat ~490,000 m3 and recover ~400,000 mannually, so the total amount of saving water is about ~400,000 m3 annually.    

 Followings are the benefits of this project reported 

1- 75-80 % wastewater recycling 

2- 80-85 % Waste reduction “Enhancement of Environmental Stewardship” 

3- 80-85 % Elimination of fresh water use “Enhancement of fresh water Stewardship” 

4- Low cost water than well water and outsourced water 

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