Terry Textile Wastewater Treatment & Recycling

Commissioning of 1st phase has completed successfully 

July 2019. The first phase of another towel wastewater recycling plant has commissioned successfully, in the first phase effluent treatment plant with the capacity of 300,000 IGPD has started. It is expected that plant will produce the desire result within next 45 days and will enable the commissioning of second phase of treated wastewater polishing and desalination. The first phase consist of conventional treatment in which screening, balancing, chemical enhanced primary sedimentation, de-nitrification, aeration biodegradation, secondary sedimentation are noteworthy. The plant was designed on high contamination load, the aeration biodegradation was designed on higher concentration of biomass due to the unavailability of space. For the optimizing of OPEX Water Regime has provided efficient D.O maintaining system and Variable operation of all necessary motors to ensure the minimum energy consumption.  

The main objective of this phase is to provide desirable treated effluent with minimum pollution load to polishing and recycling plants. The expected result of this Effluent Treatment Plants are equivalent to BSR Limits. Meanwhile second phase plants have delivered and under erection phase will be completed within couple of weeks. The plant will enhance the environment and freshwater stewardship reduces the wastewater volumes as well as reduces the freshwater needs and cut down the outsourcing of fresh water and its expenditures.  

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