ZDHC, Road Map to Zero

Water Regime (Pvt.) Ltd. proudly represent ZDHC, Road Map to ZERO in Pakistan. We are the first and exclusively approved water treatment organization who representing the waste water management as trainer in Pakistan. Our top management and engineers are approved trainers for wastewater management in Pakistan.

March 2020, Water Regime (Pvt.) Ltd. has conducted a one day training session on ZDHC Wastewater Management in Lahore as a partner of ZDHC. Water Regime Pvt. Ltd. is an approved organization from the ZDHC “Road Map to Zero” taking part to enhance the knowledge of our industries regarding new wastewater treatment techniques, capacity building and to enhance the capabilities of our industry in wastewater management and as well as fresh water and environmental stewardship. We are striving to serve our industrial sector to improve their capabilities and to stand the world’s latest standards.

In this session was attended by many reputable industrial professionals and was fruitful to understand the ZDHC requirements, vision, purpose, objectives, Wastewater guidelines, sampling methods and standard operating procedures. Also we have highlighted the outcomes of this consortia, the cost effectiveness, advantages and gradually increment of capabilities, capacity building and wastewater management and stewardship.

In future Water Regime is looking forward to conduct the educational training sessions with the collaboration of ZDHC in Pakistan. We are very much hopeful that we will play a positive & healthy role to enhance our industrial sector capacity building and capabilities to increase our corporative responsibilities with latest and innovative wastewater techniques and as well as to enhance the environmental stewardship with cost effective solutions and significant positive impact on human health by eliminating hazardous chemical use.

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